70s comeback

Bold colors and wild patterns in a wide variety of shapes? The 1970s are back! From colorful maxi dresses and flared trousers to knitted vests – Grandma’s goldies are back in style. And the decade is not only taking hold in the fashion world, but also in our living rooms, too.

Which must-have item do I need in my wardrobe?

Bohemian hippy styles, classic looks with corduroy trousers and knitted vests, or striking flared trousers and sequined dresses – be it a more natural look, bright colors or a glittering eye-catcher for a trip to the disco, 1970s fashion was diverse.

But which must-have item needs to makes its comeback in our wardrobes? With so many options to choose from, it’s not an easy decision. However, one thing is clear: The decade offers limitless styling options – there’s sure to be something for everyone.

One cool eye-catcher is the most popular trouser style of the 1970s: Flares. Whether you go for a traditional cut or a modern interpretation, the wide-leg pants replace skinny jeans and bring a little bit of comfort back to your outfit. As a mix-and-match multi-talent, it is sure to become a highlight in your wardrobe in next to no time.

Knitted vests or knitted tank tops can also be combined in a variety of ways to create a fashionable 70s look. Whether you wear it in your free time or at the office, opt for a more classic style or a modern twist, sweater vests and tank tops are all-rounders and add a special something to almost any outfit.

If you prefer a more colorful look, you can opt for the decade's characteristic patterns and wild color combinations. From short summer dresses to wide-leg pants, big patterns in bright colors make every piece pop. Flowing maxi dresses, which usually feature floral or boho prints, have also been with us for several summers and could become the new must-have item in your wardrobe this year.

And when you’ve found your statement pieces? Mix and match individual 70s-inspired garments with cherished pieces from your own wardrobe, such as crop tops or sneakers. Old trends are therefore making their comeback in a slightly more subtle way than in the past and there are exciting ways to put a fresh spin on former trends.

From lava lamps to floral prints

The 1970s influence is not only making its mark on our wardrobes, the trend is also making waves in the interior design and home decor industries.

Of course, this does not mean that you suddenly need to decorate your whole apartment with psychedelic XL patterns, bright green Flokati rugs and an brown and orange bathroom suite. The 70s are a source of inspiration when it comes to interior design, too.

The great thing is that the trends are so striking that just a few accessories are enough to give you a 1970s flair: a mushroom-shaped table lamp in bright colors, a few strategically placed cushions with graphic designs, or a paisley curtain. For the braver ones among you, you might even want to opt for an accent wall with a 70s-inspired wall hanging – a real eye-catcher without a shadow of a doubt. If that’s still not enough, you can of course also buy a few larger pieces of furniture with a 1970s look. You’ll find sofas, chairs and many more items featuring the typical rounded, organic shapes of the 1970s. 2022 will see them undergo something of a reinvention with new color schemes. Compared to the originals from the 1970s, the colors are more diverse and a little softer: instead of a bright apple green, for example, you'll see a sage green, while lavender and petrol are also more popular now.

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