A colorful life: Hottest colors for 2019/2020

The trendiest color for 2019 is Living Coral. It had a huge impact in a number of areas and is still making waves now. So, is it time to say goodbye to coral? In actual fact, it has the potential to transition into 2020, too – as a close companion of Galaxy Blue!

PANTONE 16-1546 – as the color is officially known – or Living Coral was crowned “Color of the Year 2019”. The Pantone Color Institute was inspired by the natural and colorful marine eco-system. And the Color of 2019 also drew attention to the endangered coral reefs, which provide a source of food and an essential place of refuge for a variety of species. Pantone describes the bright, warm red as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”
The yellow-reddish hue not only served as inspiration for the fashion industry this year, it also attracted attention in the world of interior design. Because it can be combined in so many different ways, Living Coral adds an extra special touch to a number of designs.

Yummy yummy – The new hot colors for fall and winter 2019/2020

Every season, the Pantone Color Institute sets the tone for fashion, product development, interior design, and other areas of design. When it came to scouting the hottest colors for the fall and winter season 2019/2020, the International Fashion Weeks provided a good idea of the direction.

This fall and winter see natural shades meet a selection of tones from the cooler end of the color palette. These are emphasized with a creamy shade of white – or to be precise: Vanilla Custard. And when it came to finding names, the trend scouts definitely got pretty creative: from shades of blue from the world of Star Wars like Galaxy Blue to temptingly sweet-sounding hues of brown like Sugar Almond through to the fine ooze of Dark Cheddar – there are a few names from the food world.
Away from these color names, this year's various shades of red, brown and blue are designed to have a feeling of freedom and also have the following effect:

“With its versatile colors, this palette is imbued with a feeling of strength and confidence so that you can pick precisely the colors that best reflect your own mood or personality.”

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

So, now the question is: what is the best way to combine the colors? Admittedly, some of the colors are pretty dominant. If you have always wanted to wear blue, then this winter is the ideal opportunity! Whether you opt for gray, creamy white or another shade of blue – Galaxy Blue complements a range of colors. And if you think that orange is not for you – be brave! Orange Tiger or Dark Cheddar go amazingly with black, dark blue or olive green. Or if you prefer sleek, softer colors, you have a wide range of brown and peach tones to choose from. So, this year's color palette can be combined with everybody's personal style.

2020 – The year of the sea

FOGS magazine and Instyle may provide an initial insight into the hottest colors for 2020. Living Coral will certainly still be part of the color palette and it seems to work well. That's because the year ahead is all about the sea and everything that goes with it: shimmering shades of blue and green (e.g. Biscay Green) of the waves meet the dark gray and blue tones (e.g. Navy Blazer) of the sea bed. When naming the colors, the inspiration for some of the shades once again came from the food world. So, you could say there will be a double revival!

Bright yellow (Saffron), bold orange (Orange Peel) and a striking pink (Coral Pink) are reminiscent of the oceans' many inhabitants, while soft shades of nude and rose evoke the shells. The color palette of the ocean is huge: the year 2020 will have you longing for the sea!