Dream job: Fashion designer

Many young fasion lovers dream of turning their passion into a career. People who have already achieved this, such as fashion bloggers or designers, are shining role models. However, the possible professions are as varied as the fashion itself.

But which professions are there to choose from exactly? And how do you get your foot in the door in the industry? One way to find out and improve your chances of getting one of the most popular jobs is to train or study in the field of fashion. For example, there are training courses on fashion/textile design or tailoring, as well as courses on fashion journalism or fashion, textile and design management. All these things are united by a love of fashion.

Behind the scenes of a fashion college

The renowned Sigmaringen Fashion School is one of the institutions in Germany that offers a wide range of opportunities for you to turn fashion into a career. Here, it’s possible to train as a fashion designer or tailor and there is also a Business Administration program in the Communication and Design area. In addition, you can choose from a variety of add-on modules in the financial as well as in the creative sector, for example on the topics of marketing and advertising, nude drawing, or on various textile techniques, such as knitting or weaving.

Once an apprenticeship or course of study has been chosen, it’s just a question of the entrance exam. At Sigmaringen Fashion School, it consists of a design folder and a practical task on the tailor's dummy. As soon as this hurdle has been successfully overcome, the training can begin.

The classes are initially named after fashion brands in order to raise awareness of the brand and fashion sense. In addition to theory lessons, students can also gain practical experience on various excursions. Regular competitions are also organized to motivate learners and give them the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and to compete with their fellow students. On top of all that, students can specialize during their training and bring their dreams of working in the fashion industry even closer.

Creative everyday school life

Hannah is aiming for a career in the fashion industry and has chosen to train at the Fashion School in Sigmaringen. She is one of the lucky ones who successfully passed the entrance exam. The ambitious student is currently in her first year of training and is doing two apprenticeships in parallel: as a fashion designer and bespoke tailor.

Hannah is enthusiastic about the motivated and committed instructors who have a lot of practical experience and like to share their knowledge with the students openly. For example, the cutting technique teacher, Ms. Pilipovic, who not only inspires Hannah and her fellow students with interesting learning material, but who is also ready to help with any questions and ideas and actively supports them in their own extracurricular projects.

For Hannah, a highlight of her training so far was the visit to the traditional embroidery company Keinath in Albstadt. Together with the external guest lecturer, Reiner Knochel, a textile expert in embroidery, the students were able to experience the production and embroidery machines in action. Hannah found a machine that can embroider carbon fiber particularly impressive.

The start of professional life

Während Hannah noch ganz am Anfang ihrer Ausbildung steht, hat Lara-Maria Heinen ihren Abschluss schon seit Juli in der Tasche. Die 21-Jährige hat sich einen Traum erfüllt, den viele der Absolventen teilen: den eines eigenen Modelabels. Dazu hat sie bereits ein Kleingewerbe angemeldet. Seit ihrem Abschluss arbeitet sie als ausgebildete Modedesignerin an ganz eigenen Designs. Eine ihrer schönsten Erinnerungen an ihre Zeit an der Modefachschule Sigmaringen ist ein Projekt aus dem zweiten Lehrjahr. Da hat sie einen Mantel selbst entworfen und mithilfe alter Jeans realisiert. Der Mantel war ein Teil Ihrer Kollektion „Rebirth“ zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit. Diese Arbeit macht sie noch heute stolz.