Indestructible – The dream of an own fashion label

The fashion label "Indestructible" is a prime example of how aesthetic fashion, sustainable production and individuality can be combined. Behind it is the founder Sladi, who pursues her dream with extraordinary passion and great ideas for the future.

“We haven't been around that long, but every time I walk into the store or hear someone mention the name, I have butterflies in my stomach. I'm very proud of all we have accomplished so far and in such a short time."


Sladana Raitze

Sladi is originally from Slovenia and completed a master's degree in administrative law in Ljubljana in 2013. Already during her studies, it was her dream to become self-employed and start her own fashion brand. Sladi gained her first experience in 2017 when she joined her sister-in-law Lidija's company "Gumbek", for which she made self-designed baby and women's clothing and accessories. Then in 2019, she opened her first own store, Indestructible Concept Room, in Germany, in Albstadt-Ebingen – where also SCHMETZ has found a new home.

A vision with potential

The Indestructible brand is aimed at strong, confident individuals who want to stand out from the crowd. The goal is to offer beautiful and sustainable fashion, made under fair conditions. That's why Sladi not only goes in for sustainable design and high quality, but also environmentally friendly manufacturing and fair production conditions. All Indestructible products are made in a studio in Slovenia, with much love and in painstaking handcraft.

In addition to a showroom for her own work, the store is also a platform for selected designers, artists and anyone whose heart beats for genuine creations. This also supports smaller workshops that are not yet able to fulfill their dream of owning their own store.

Unique and handmade

The brand first became known with gym bags and backpacks, but the product range has expanded considerably. In addition to bags and other accessories, the choice of products now includes fashion for men, women and children. The label makes it a point to offer original, high quality designs – made to measure and hand-sewn. Only a few pieces exist of each product to underline their uniqueness. Many products can be individualized. So, special requests from customers are also welcome.

A look ahead

Sladis vision for the future is to open more Concept Rooms in Germany. Small stores and boutiques without big corporations to support them have been facing a lot of headwinds – not just since the pandemic. But it is precisely these small stores that can respond to customers' individual wishes in an unparalleled way and are much more flexible than large chains, says Sladi. Coupled with a well thought-out concept, an online store and an appealing presence in social media, these are the best prerequisites for prevailing in the highly competitive retail sector.

One thing's for sure: We have lost our hearts to Indestructible and will certainly visit the store often to buy new favorite pieces and to be infected by the creative energy! Don't you also feel like dropping in and checking out what Indestructible has in store?

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