Say it with cushions

Tell me what cushions you own and I'll tell you who you are! Cushions are a bit like the olive in the cocktail of your home. They add a splash of color and accentuate the style – creating space for spirit and personality. And the best thing about them? They're also incredibly cozy!

If you take a closer look around in restaurants, cafés and furniture stores or even on blogs or in magazines, you'll notice that cushions are enjoying a real renaissance right now – despite the fact they were never really out.
One thing that is new, however, is the desire for experimenting and a lust for mixing and matching. While grandma's couch was once adorned with cushions that were all the same color and size, we now see a wide range of fabrics, patterns and styles. Subtly coordinated or a crazy mix. Anything goes. By the way, new cushions or cushion covers are not just reserved for a new home or renovation. It's fun to use new cushions to put a new twist on existing furniture. And it's particularly satisfying if you sew the cushion covers yourself or even design them, too.

Here are our tips for transforming your couch into an eye-catching feature:

1. Pick your colors and size

Start by picking a base color to suit your mood, the time of year, or the dominant color in your living room. Using different sized cushions adds diversity. Ideally, the largest cushions should be in the more subdued base color. Smaller cushions in bold colors and prints bring excitement. If you like, you could also combine lighter and darker shades of the base color. 


2. Look for materials and textures

Once your colors match, then it's time to get experimenting with different materials and textures. Velvety fabrics and fur are ideal for fall and winter as they create warmth and a feeling of coziness. Bright and lighter materials are better for the summer. Otherwise, there are no limits to your imagination. Why not try a bit of upcycling? For instance: Take an old jacket that's too baggy, your favorite tatty pair of jeans, your kids' bedding (sigh!) or that flowery dress that doesn't fit any more – they can all be mixed together to make incredibly individual cushions that are a medley of memories, fabrics and shapes.

3. Zero in on a style

The direction of your style will mainly be determined by the cushion pattern and how you are going to make it. In theory, anything is possible here, too, but a focus on certain trends can help you out if you are spoiled for choice. Here are a few cool styles, which you could say come with a guarantee of success:


Hygge style, Scandinavia

“Hygge” is the Danish word for “coziness”. The style's elegant shapes and natural materials cultivate a one-of-a-kind feeling of well-being. Scandinavian interior design is based around clean forms and is above all practical.

Oriental chic

Home accessories can quell a longing for Morocco or the East even before you head off on vacation. To incorporate a touch of that magical Oriental ambiance into your home, you don't necessarily need to replace all of your furniture and decor.  Small changes are easy to make: a cushion here, two new dishes with Moroccan ornaments there, and perhaps a few golden glasses for a traditional mint tea.

Urban Jungle 

A splash of the tropics with indoor plants, botanical prints on your cushion covers and plenty of green – this is what the urban jungle trend is all about. Natural materials combined with metal also complement the look perfectly.

Boho Stil 

Boho-style living – it's a feeling of freedom, love, and happiness. There are plenty of interpretations of boho style. Some people associate boho with the hippy and Bohème look. Others think intuitively of esoterics or yoga. The main thing that boho represents is the creative free spirit, aimed at expressing individuality. 

4. Add your own customized elements

Instead of just buying new covers or fabrics, you can of course try your own hand and get creative. Cushions can be printed and embroidered, brightened up with some home-made pompoms, or decorated with potato prints. They are also an ideal canvas for self-proclaimed ex- or impressionists. Another popular choice: You can also use appliqué to sew your favorite finds, collector's items or souvenirs onto a cushion. Or you can even try adding vintage buttons or sequins for an extra je ne sais quoi. For children, you can easily conjure up their favorite animal in cushion form. 
The end result? The perfect customized cushion!

So, cushions are much more than just a shell stuffed with soft material. They're a creative playground, masters of versatility, canvases for projections, and a personal statement. We almost forgot: Decorative touches. And if everything is still nice and cozy, then we know we've got it right!


This article was created with kind cooperation from Soulbirdee.