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Stylish and figure-flattering clothing for curvy women? In fashion, this is unfortunately still rather difficult to find. That's why designer Mia Führer has taken up the challenge in her new e-mag "Curvy-Style by Mia Führer" and created six stylish designs to sew yourself in plus sizes. What drives her and what does she want to achieve? We asked Mia Führer in an exclusive interview.

How did Mia Führer's interest in patterns that start at size 3XL come about in the first place?

12 years ago, the BPV publishing house approached me with the question if I would be interested in becoming the chief editor of a sewing pattern magazine. That meant design and pattern development. I was intrigued by the topic and saw it as a special challenge, because from my environment I heard again and again that women with larger sizes had difficulties to find fashionable and figure-flattering outfits.

Changing this is also what drives Mia Führer in her work.

Curvy-Style by Mia Führer

As a master tailor and designer, my main desire is to dress women in the best possible way. Companies that specialize in large sizes often do not adapt their patterns to the body shape of a feminine and plump figure. For example, bust darts are often neglected in the pattern. This is an absolute no-go for a good cut.

My goal is to achieve the optimal fit, no matter what body measurements I have in front of me. The customer should feel comfortable in the garment, curvy or not.

The project "Curvy-Style by Mia Führer" was just the right medium for this and presented a special opportunity for the experienced master tailor.

I was particularly excited to be able to provide significant input in this innovative project. That means being responsible for the design, having great degrees of creative freedom, shaping the design so that our model, Sissi, could feel comfortable in the garments I made without us having to make any changes. Being used to drawing only long-legged, slender figurines, also drawing the models for curvier shapes was a special challenge for me.

I particularly enjoyed having the freedom to realize my cut and fabric ideas for women from size 3XL to 10XL. The pattern development was based on a size 5XL.

And how did it happen that Mia Führer decided to publish her designs in an e-mag? Printing a sewing pattern magazine is no longer viable from an economic point of view because of the increased production and paper prices. Therefore, it made sense to develop a digital form to reduce costs and also attract other buyer groups. In spite of her many years of experience, during the preparation of her e-mag one thing became clear to her:

You cannot just enlarge a pattern size M to size 10XL. It is essential to work out a basic cut that really fits.

About Mia Führer

From "Clever Little Tailor" to chief editor, book author and video producer.

At the age of 21, Mia Führer had already completed her apprenticeship as a tailor as well as her master's degree. After her graduation, she ran a fashion studio in Hamburg as a master tailor and designer of sewing patterns for over 12 years, later with six employees and apprentices.

It was there where she also created her first leather collection that quickly found famous fans. Among others, Mia Führer tailored a leather tailcoat for Udo Lindenberg and a leather dress for Su Kramer.

After moving to a larger studio, Mia Führer and her employees produced promotional clothing for companies like Fleurop, Mercedes Benz or Tchibo, to name just a few. For many years she also created sewing patterns for the Hamburg mail-order company, Otto.

For more than 20 years, Mia Führer has been working as a freelance editor for the BPV publishing house, in collaboration with which also her new e-mag "Curvy-Style by Mia Führer" was launched.

Her dream to pass on her knowledge came true for the first time more than 20 years ago when she produced "The blazer", a video for hobby sewers. The digital version of the video – at that time produced on VHS cassette – was split into several parts and got close to 1 million clicks on YouTube so far.

Do you want to learn more?

The complete e-magazine "Curvy-Style by Mia Führer" is available at the following link: 


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