Textile trends and hot fabrics for 2021

The world of fabrics and materials is sometimes in-your-face, sometimes very laid back, but always exciting! The essence of textiles lies in their material, quality, patterns and colour. Introducing the latest fabric and material trends that will influence spring/summer 2021 and beyond!

What's hot this season?

Trends include: Craftsmanship, sustainability and proximity to nature. But also some fresh takes on well-known classics. This is demonstrated by materials such as vegan leather, recycled plastics, natural fabrics and patterns, ecologically dyed, handmade and many more. The latest trends are sometimes colourful, sometimes down-to-earth, inviting us to dream and also bring our dreams to life. Join us as we embark on an inspiring journey through the world of fashion trends!


1) Lighter Than Air

Reminiscent of a fresh sea breeze and fulfilling our longing for lightness: in this trend, ultra-light, fluttering fabrics meet pastels and shimmering colours. Soft, natural and even recycled synthetic fibres — some with lace elements — create bold, fluid silhouettes. Ultra-light coatings and shimmering effects on the fabrics are particularly eye-catching features with a luxurious effect.

2) New Denim

Denim never gets old! Denim fabrics are an indispensable feature of fashion. In 2021, they are set to impress with a fresh new spin: classic designs such as diamond patterns are making a comeback, joined by optical illusions, batik and bold lace structures. When it comes to cuts, the focus is on comfort, with a touch of festival charm mixed in.

3) Tech Pleats

Influenced by sportswear, this trend in men's fashion triumphs with its particularly laid-back style. Classic pleats and ribbing techniques are finished with fresh coatings and raised seams. Technical knits and soft fabrics round off this cool trend.

4) Eco Textures

It's back – the megatrend of sustainability. Eco textures such as vegan leather and plant-dyed fabrics in earthy tones are incredibly popular. Tactile and rough structures are used and underline the importance of surfaces.

5) Reinforce – For All Interior Fans

We are taking a small detour into the world of interiors with textiles made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, often with a Scandinavian, minimalistic design. Here, too, natural shades come to the fore, this time mainly on densely woven fabrics. Materials with a three-dimensional component, known as 3D textiles, create a special effect. Strong and bold: Longevity guaranteed!

6) Modern Vintage Florals & Botanicals

A floral outlook — everything revolves around leaves and flowers. Admittedly, the prints are the stars here. Exploding vintage flower patterns in hand-drawn style or as wallpaper-style prints on contrasting or monochrome backgrounds look amazing — for both wearers and onlookers!

So, we've got some exciting trends to look forward to! Which one inspires you the most?

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