A man's thing

In times like these, the somewhat restricted range of leisure activities raises in many people the desire to explore something completely new. Why not try one's hand at the sewing machine? When choosing sewing as a hobby, factors like the oversaturated clothing market and an increased environmental awareness often also play an important role – key word "upcycling". Therefore, it's no surprise that the idea of creating one's own pieces is particularly appealing. And it's also noticeable that more and more men are among the new sewing enthusiasts.

Everybody from fashion blogger to stay-at-home dad

At the sewing machine, (young) dads, do-it-yourselfers and men keen to learn new skills can be creative and implement their own ideas.

For example, making cuddly toys, clothing, carnival costumes or decorations for and with the kids can be part of the game. And, with a little practice, even other small projects, such as sewing curtains for the converted minivan or mending the well-worn work pants, are no longer a big deal and can be taken on by the hobby sewer himself. Quite often, the idea is to simply mend or refashion favorite or torn pieces. The result not only makes the owner happy but does something for the environment, too. And since the topic attracts other like-minded persons, a lot of male sewing enthusiasts also share their DIY fashion on social media.

Times change

The desire to express one's own individuality with fashion and underline one's own personality with newly designed or altered items of clothing and accessories is by no means a purely female phenomenon. Nevertheless, it is a fact that offers for the hobby "sewing" are mainly oriented towards the female target group: sewing utensils with floral print, for example, or sewing courses mainly for ladies' fashion. To combat these stereotypes, American designer Norris Dánta Ford, who also sews himself, created the Instagram hashtag #dopemensew. His aim is to promote an exchange between interested men and create a platform for mutual recognition.

A man and his machine

Also Yannick is part of the male sewing community. He made first contact with the sewing machine while still at school. Yannick discovered his passion for sewing rather by chance: He had asked his mother to sew something according to his ideas but she refused as she was convinced that he could do it himself. And she was right. After a short time and some failed attempts, he could proudly present his first self-sewn trousers. Since then, Yannick has been an enthusiastic hobby sewer, giving his creative streak an outlet.

What he initially made only for himself, quickly appealed to his friends as well. Today he officially offers self-created products such as vests, small pouches and shoulder bags via Instagram. Holding the finished result in his hands and seeing his customers' enthusiasm are his greatest motivation.

The positive response has also led to Yannick recently buying a state-of-the-art, multifunctional sewing machine. For a young hobby sewer, this is a big and costly step. But for Yannick, it's a step in the right direction: Training as a tailor, he will learn professional techniques and improve his skills – and pursue his dream of having his own brand someday soon. He is certainly not suffering from a lack of ideas.