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Do it!

Hat over heels in love

The bucket hat has been experiencing a revival since last year. Originally conceived as practical sun protection, it is now worn by stars and influencers as a fashion statement. Reversible designs are particularly popular – making the hat even easier to match to your outfit.

What you'll need

Cutting pattern for DOWNLOAD

  • Strong fabric, e.g. cotton, linen, denim, corduroy
    70 x 110 cm if made from one fabric or 35 x 110 cm each if made from two different fabrics
  • Color-coordinated or contrasting sewing thread
  • SCHMETZ Universal Needle


Please note: The hat is designed for a head circumference of approx. 58 cm. A small tip: If you want to make the hat larger or smaller, deduct/add 1 cm from/to the side seam of the pattern pieces for the body and brim. For the pattern piece for the top, deduct or add 0.5 cm all the way around accordingly.

The pattern is created exclusively with a 1 cm seam allowance. All fabrics should be pre-washed, dried and ironed according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent the product from shrinking. Unless otherwise specified, lock all seams at the start and end.

Pattern inspiration


  • Sewing machine
  • Fabric scissors or rotary cutter
  • Pins
  • Iron
  • Tailor’s chalk or pen for transferring the pattern

Time to get sewing! Sewing instructions


    STEP 1

    Print out the pattern and cut out the individual pieces.


    Sewing instructions for a bucket hat - step 1

    STEP 2

    Fold the body and brim in half. Use chalk or pen to mark a 1 cm seam allowance on the seams and cut. You then have 5 cut-to-size pieces of the outer fabric:

    1 top
    2 folded body pieces
    2 folded brim pieces

    Sewing instructions for a bucket hat - step 2

    STEP 3

    Cut the same pieces out of the inner fabric again so that you have a total of 10 cut-to-size pieces: 5 from the outer fabric and 5 from the inner fabric.

    Sewing instructions for a bucket hat - step 3

    STEP 4

    Pin the body pieces right side on right side and sew them together with a 1 cm seam allowance to form a ring.

    To reinforce the seam, separate out and iron the stitched piece and stitch close to the seam on both sides.

    Sewing instructions for a bucket hat - step 4

    STEP 5

    Place the body ring on the top, right sides together, and sew the body onto the top. Cut into the resulting seam allowance so that the fabric does not get stuck.

    Sewing instructions for a bucket hat - step 5

    STEP 6

    Pin the short ends of the brim pieces together, right side on right side, and sew together with a 1 cm seam allowance. Separate out and iron the seam allowances, then stitch the seams again from the outside.

    Pin the top edge of the brim to the bottom edge of the body, right sides together, and sew together.

    Sewing instructions for a bucket hat - step 6

    STEP 7

    Iron the seam allowance upwards and stitch from the outside. The first hat is ready!

    Sewing instructions for a bucket hat - step 7

    STEP 8

    Now sew the second hat in the same way.

    Sewing instructions for a bucket hat - step 8

    STEP 9

    For an open edge, pin together the open outer edges of the brim, wrong side on wrong side, and stitch. Alternatively, sew the outer edges of the brims together, right side on right side, leaving an opening of approx. 5 cm for turning. Turn the hat inside out. Shape the hat well and close the opening by sewing along the edge with a straight stitch, keeping close to the edge as you go. Then sew concentric circles turning inwards onto the brim. Et voilà!

    Sewing instructions for a bucket hat - step 9

We are already looking forward to your pictures!

Download the pattern