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ReWork – From jeans to tool bag

Everyone knows them, everyone has them at home: old jeans that are no longer worn, but are too good to throw away. The solution: from old to new. And what better to sew from a sturdy, thick denim fabric than a practical bag to store our "daily essentials"? From tools to sewing accessories to cooking and painting utensils – there are many possible applications.

What you'll need

  • An old pair of jeans (sturdy jeans with a small amount of stretch are optimal)
  • Household sewing machine
  • Schmetz Jeans Needle NM 90 to 110
  • Pins
  • Textile scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Tailor's chalk or marking pencil

Time to get sewing! Sewing instructions


    STEP 1

    Place the pant legs of the jeans on top of each other and mark below the crotch.

    The pant leg in our example is 74 cm long up to the mark.


    STEP 2

    Cut off the trouser legs at the mark and cut open the inner leg seam. (If there is a reinforced seam on the inside, this should also be cut away.)

    Then cut off the hem seam and keep it.


    STEP 3

    Place the cut trouser legs on top of each other, unfolded. The lower part of the pants is slightly narrower than the upper part. Therefore, adjust the wider side to the narrow side, creating a rectangle.

    Measure about 20 cm along the long side of the newly created rectangles and cut them off along the short side.

Now it really starts...


    STEP 4

    Fold and hem 1 cm of one long and one short side of one of the two small rectangles.

    Place this small rectangle on one of the large rectangles (wrong side on right side) so that the long open edges and the short open edges lie on top of each other.

    Fix the open edges with pins and seam them together.


    STEP 5

    Sew vertical seams on the small rectangle just sewn to create the pockets. (It is best to sew the seam twice on top of each other for more stability.)

    The distance between the seams and thus the size of the pockets can be chosen, depending on your needs.


    STEP 6

    Now you can attach hooks to the free space on the side. To do this, cut the second small rectangle into two halves.

    Cut one of the halves into three equal strips that will become the hooks. The other half is no longer needed.


    STEP 7

    Fold and hem 1 cm on one short and the left long side of the first strip.

    Fold and hem 1 cm on one short and both long sides of the second strip.

    Fold and hem 1 cm on one short and the right long side of the third strip.


    STEP 8

    Take the two strips that were folded and hemmed only on one long side, place them in the corners of the free side of the large rectangle and sew open edge to open edge. Then sew each of the two hemmed short sides onto the large rectangle.

    Place the third strip that was hemmed on both long sides centered between the other two strips (about level with the original side seam of the jeans). Sew the two short sides onto the large rectangle.


    STEP 9

    Place the two large rectangles on top of one another (right side on right side) and fix them with pins. Sew the pinned rectangles together on the outer edges, leaving a gap of about 5 - 10 cm open.

    Slightly trim the corners before you turn the bag inside out through the gap that was left open. Tip: Use not too sharp scissors to reach into the bag at the gap and push the corners out. Fold the edges of the gap inward and sew it up.

Use the cut hem seams or any string or belt to tie the bag into a roll. Here you go: your DIY bag made of sturdy denim!